Health information management/report

Please follow instructions attached. 

Ethics Assignment – Complete and Submit

1.  Printout the Ethics Self-Assessment found in your course.

2.  Complete the Self-Assessment. Be honest with your answers.

3.  Compile a typed report using MSWord specifically addressing the following questions.  Be sure to use supporting evidence as to why you thought like you did or what makes it a strength, weakness, etc.  Remember, I may not know you personally.  This report is confidential and will not be shared, however, it allows me to get to know you better.

·Include your name and date on the typed report.

·Select a few (two or more) of the statements you answered “Occasionally” or “Almost Never”.  In areas that these choices raise an ethical red flag, indicate HOW you will improve in the area.  Don’t forget to include the statement since I will not have a copy of your completed printouts.

·Type a response to your “Areas of Strengths”:

·Type a response to your “Areas to Strengthen”:

·Answer, “What I knew about the topic before I started.”

·Answer, “What I learned by completing this assignment.”

·Answer, “Questions I still have about this topic are……”

·Answer, “How does this topic relate to my role as a student?”

·Answer, “How does this topic relate to my role as a HIMS employee?”

·Add any additional comments, if any.

4.  Submit your Word document in this assignment area by the due date.

5.  I reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of points depending on the depth of your responses.   

So basically pick a few out of the ethics self-assessment and write about them following the instructions accordingly.

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