Health Care in the United States: An Evolving System, health and medicine homework help

  1. Read the following online articles. For these readings, concentrate on the various methods used to understand cultural differences. Also, understand the variety of diverse populations, as these populations vary by geographic locations, urban and rural locations, and can vary by clinic and neighborhood.
  2. Visit the U.S. Census Bureau website and read “U.S. Census Bureau Projections Show a Slower Growing, Older, More Diverse Nation a Half Century from Now,” at Be sure to click the image thumbnails to study the charts.
  3. Though not required, it is highly recommended that you watch the movie Sicko prior to completing Workshop Five assignments.
    1. If you choose to watch the movie, you will need to acquire it by renting or streaming it.
  4. Using workshop readings and your own online research, take on the role of a healthcare administrator and create a 25-slide PowerPoint presentation that you could use to educate your staff on the laws and mechanics of meeting the healthcare needs of a diverse patient population.
    1. Clearly identify at least five different patient populations.
    2. Describe one or more current health policies already in place regarding these populations. These may be federal, state, or local.
    3. Cover three or more issues that your staff may encounter when providing care for each of the populations (for example, language, culture, health literacy, etc.).
    4. Include descriptions of the types of resources that will be available to your staff (for example, translators, mental health professionals, future training, etc.).
  5. Your presentation should include at least five citations from the textbook, articles, or other credible sources, provided in a separate bibliography using proper APA format.
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