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Hello, First of all, the attached file shows you exactly what my assignment is. ( the most important thing is that each essay does not need to be a long essay, so, as long as you answer the questions clearly, you are fine. even if it is one paragraph. the aim here is to answer the questions in this assignment which mean you can build essay by answering those questions. )

as you can see, the final examination in the attached file, there are 6 topics that we can write an essay separately in each topic.

so, After we decided which topic we need to write essay about, we then begin to write the thesis statement at the first essay + answering the questions in the beginning of this assignment that related to the selected topics.


I do not need all of them!! the topics that I need to write about are the following:

1-Malnutrition ( short essay by answering the questions )

2-diabetes ( short essay by answering the questions )

3-Malaria ( short essay by answering the questions ).

4-Polio ( short essay by answering the questions )


each short essay has in the introduction ” a thesis statement” ( more information in the attached file ) and has to answer the following quistions:

1- Why this is a challenge (the topic )?

2- the causes contributing to it ( the topic )?

3- give a specific example ( the specific place or the nation or the specific location ” for example, malaria in Indonesia ” )

4- how this is has affected people in that specific area?

5- what the international community is doing to address this ( the topic )?

6- describe future challenges facing these efforts.

Important Note: again, it does not to be a long essay, if your answers are simple, short and clear, that would be fine. But, it should be clear written answers, not general answers or vague answers. So, short essay is enough as long as you have clear, specific , simple, short answers for each question.

when you write them, please, separate the four essays by line.

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