gun control 3

pick a topic on an issues within Homeland Security that dealt with emergency management.

  1. Determine an issue, problem, or information gap in their field of inquiry.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency as an independent learner and critical thinker.
  3. Apply research and analysis techniques to the explanation and resolution of an information gap, issue, or problem, by producing a project in their respective field.
  4. Design a project based on theory and knowledge from courses in their field of study.
  5. Synthesize the parts of research to produce a comprehensive, valid result in a concrete format.
  6. Reach conclusions through use of external resources that reflect knowledge.
  7. Apply all elements of scholarly activity to a written document, utilizing Standard Academic English and APA or MLA format.
  8. You can use additional works of reference

No less than 20 pages.


Thesis Statement:

Since the early 2000’s, over 20% percent of United States terrorist attacks involved firearms. Purchasing a legal handgun in the US is not difficult due to the lack of protocols policymakers installed, which allows individuals to easily own a weapon. Policymakers should develop its gun control procedures to reduce attacks by a firearm and monitor individual who opposes a threat to the country.

  • This will HELP identify attacks….

Attacks :

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Nightclub in Orlando- Pledged ISIS

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Charleston, South Carolina Shooting- White supremacist –……

Military Recruiting Centre Shooting- motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda……

San Bernardino Shooting-…

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