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The total number of marks for this TMA is 100. This represents 25% of the 400 continuous assessment marks available for the whole module. You should answer ALL FIVE questions in this assignment.

  • You do not need to wait until you have read all of the chapters in Book 3 before you begin to draft this TMA.
    • Question 1 can be attempted after reading Chapter 5.
    • Question 2 can be attempted after reading Chapter 5.
    • Question 3 can be attempted after reading Chapter 6.
    • Question 4 can be attempted after reading Chapter 11.
    • Question 5 can be attempted after reading Chapter 12.
  • Remember to show your working in all calculations, and to use units consistently throughout.
  • TMA questions may include guidance or limitations on length. ‘Guidance’, in whatever form, is generally advisory but you would be unwise to ignore it. ‘Limits’ are mandatory restrictions that you may be penalised for exceeding. Word counts include any in-text references you might use.
  • Do not repeat the TMA questions in your submission.

A good source of general advice and information regarding TMAs is the S104 TMA Guide[Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] in Appendix 2 of the S104 Introduction and Guide provided in print and on the S104 website.

Information on how to submit your TMA is given in the Assessment Handbook which you can access via your StudentHome page or via the S104 website.

Your answers will be marked according to how well they demonstrate the learning outcomes listed for each question. Your tutor will provide feedback on your performance and advice for future.


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