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Topic 1: Vaccinations

You are working in a community clinic where you have been assigned to provide measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccinations to children entering kindergarten. Your first patient is a 5-year-old female accompanied by her mother. The mother expresses to you, “while I was sitting in the waiting room, there were several other parents discussing vaccinations and how dangerous they are. After listening to the other parents, I’m now hesitant to have my daughter vaccinated because I’m fearful that something might happen. I don’t know if I should have my daughter vaccinated.”

What information could you share with this parent that would educate her about the importance and the safety of vaccinations? How would you provide this information?

Required Reading

In Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan in Nursing Practice, read:

  • Chapter 15: “Overview of Growth and Development Framework”
  • Chapter 16: “The Prenatal Period”
  • Chapter 17: “The Infant”

Optional Reading:

Kao, B., Plante, W., & Lobato, D. (2009). The use of the impact on sibling scale with families of children with chronic illness and developmental disability. Child Care, Health and Development. 35(4), 505–509.

Whitehead, D. (2011). Before the cradle and beyond the grave: A lifespan/settings-based framework for health promotion. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 20(15/16), 2183–2194.

Web Resources:

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