Groundwater Research Paper, science homework help

Florida is experiencing great demand on its limited water supply due to a continually growing population. Additionally, this growing population is causing other problems for our water supply including pollution, contamination, and geological issues such as subsidence, sinkholes, and saltwater incursion. Your assignment is to find an in-depth article that fully describes one of these important issues. Read it, write a complete summary and come to class prepared to discuss it with your classmates. The summary needs to be only as long as necessary to fulfill the requirements listed below and can be in any format you choose. Type written summaries are preferred, but not required.

Your article should not be a general article but very specific to one of the issues. It should be a science article, NOT an opinion or editorial article. Look for an article that includes all aspects of the issue including:

a. a description of the problem and its impact on our water supply

b. the environmental and/or financial costs

c. the cause of the problem

d. the solutions that have been proposed

e. the likely future of the issue, with and without implementation of any proposed solutions.

You should prepare your written summary and yourself so that you become very well-versed on this issue and are able to share this important information with us without just reading back what you have written. Become the class expert on your issue.

Your article must be from a reliable source such as a major news agency (UPI, API), a government agency, or a research or university organization (do not use opinion or blog sites or Wikipedia, which is reader edited). It can come from print media or an online article that you print out yourself. The article must be attached to your summary when you turn it in. The Orlando Sentinel, our local paper, often has articles on this issue in the State and Local section. You can also find information online at A good place to begin is with a Google search for something like, “Florida water problems, Florida water crisis”, etc.

This assignment is a significant component of your final course grade, worth ten percent of your total grade. Get started on this assignment soon and if you have any problems completing the assignment make sure you contact me right away for assistance. This assignment is due on Monday, November 21. We will use it to introduce our discussion of Groundwater. Make sure you get this done on time. Email submittals are not accepted. You must bring it to class. No exceptions.

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