Grand Pré landscape, geology discussion help

To complete your first discussion post, see the first Weekly Prompt (you may download it or open it in a separate tab by clicking “Weekly Prompts” and selecting the Week 1 – Place).

Click on the Week One discussion forum, then click the button on the top left to create your own thread. Give it a relevant title (for example, “Professor B’s Favorite Place” or “Salzburg, Austria”). You may compose your response to the weekly prompt as you create your thread, or you can type it in a separate document, then copy and paste it into the thread, which will help you save your work in case you experience internet or computer issues in the middle of composing your post.

You are allowed to edit your posts this week if you need to make changes or improvements. You may also delete your posts, unless someone has already responded. Replies to discussion posts are 1/3 of your discussion grade, so posts with replies can never be deleted. 

Uploading an image: Click the button that looks like two arrows in the top right hand corner of the discussion toolbar. This expands the toolbar so you can click the “Insert/Edit Image” button on the left hand side of the lowest toolbar. I have allowed file attachments this week, however to receive full credit, you must figure out how to embed, rather than attach your image. You can embed a picture that you upload from your computer, or provide a link to a picture. File attachments must be clicked in order to be viewed, so attachments will only be worth partial credit, embedded images are worth full credit. If you attach your image and then figure out how to embed it, fix it by the deadline to receive full credit.

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