Global health and nursing

POST on the Discussion (EACH POSTING = at least 50 words)

a) The debate over health care as a “right” is at the heart of the U.S. health care reform discussion. The statements (quotes) at the beginning of this module indicate that WHO and the U.S. disagree about health care being a “right.” Do you think health care is (or is not) a “right?” If a “right,” who should pay for it? Provide a rationale with your opinion (at least 50 words). Then, RESPOND to one (1) peer posting on health care as a “right.”

b) The pamphlet highlights the fact that the nursing shortage is global—not just national (U.S.). To alleviate their own nursing shortage, should developed (higher income) countries continue to recruit nurses from developing (lower/middle income) countries? What about the health impact on the citizens because there are fewer nurses in the lower/middle income country? What about the nurse’s personal and professional opportunities and/or freedom to re-locate in a higher income country? What is your opinion? Provide a rationale with your opinion (at least 50 words).

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