gerontology assignment short answer

Hello, below I have attached my dual assignments. All together it is (4) questions and I only need 2 pages. 1/2 page for each questions. Must be in APA format. I have attached material that could be very useful. Be sure to have a reference page and to cite everything properly.

Module 3: Assignment Three

Copy the question before answering it (Question-Answer)

Q1- What is the definition of “chronic disease?” (3 points)

Q2- Which chronic disease will you (YOU personally) be most scared to have in your old age? WHY? Include correct factual information about this disease. Provide fact-based reasons for your fear of this chronic disease. Your responses should have adequate depth for a graduate-level course. Cite, at least, one scholarly reference (in addition to your textbook). (7 points)

Q3- Explain “healthy aging.” In your response, first explain your definition of “healthy” aging. Explain all the factors and criteria that you would use to define “healthy.” In the second paragraph of your response describe behaviors, life styles, and attitudes that prevent “healthy” aging. Please do not write your second paragraph as a direct opposite of the first paragraph. If you will do that, I will get a good laugh but I will not give you credit for your second paragraph. Cite, at least, one scholarly reference (in addition to your textbook). Minimum words: 250 (10 points)


Did the student address the questions completely and clearly?

Did the question provide appropriate research citations (if asked for in the question)?

Did writing errors make it difficult for the instructor to understand the responses?


The assignments will consist of essay-type and short-answer type questions


Title of the book: Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Subscription), 10th Edition

Authors: Nancy R. Hooyman, Kevin Y. Kawamoto, and H. Asuman Kiyak

Year of Publication: 2018

Format: Adobe Reader

ISBN: ISBN-9780133913156

Format Access Code Card

ISBN: ISBN-9780133911510

Link to access the Revel edition of the Textbook

You can access your Revel edition of the book by clicking on the following link:

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Helpful info

Module 3: Lecture Materials– Chapter 4 Managing Chronic Diseases and Promoting Well-Being in Old Age

No aspect of old age is more alarming to most of us than the thought of declining health and threats to our functional ability and autonomy. We fear not only the pain and disruption of illness, but also how it affects active aging and our ability to perform daily tasks and remain at home. Poor health, more than other changes commonly associated with aging, can reduce a person’s competence in mastering his or her environment. On the other hand, although many diseases are deleterious, progressive, and long-term, they are not universal with age. Moreover, older adults with chronic illnesses may still enjoy a certain quality of life, and we can make modifications in our lives, no matter what age, that will promote physical well-being in old age. However, inequities by gender, race, and social class, which may begin earlier in life and intensify with age, affect illness and death rates from certain chronic illnesses, perpetuating health disparities.

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