Geospatial Technologies in civil engineering

How is Remote Sensing used in monitoring Amazon Deforestation?

The paper/research should be three full pages long, excluding cover page and reference page.

More details on the paper will be posted under ‘Announcements’, shortly.


  • The paper should be unique and should not be copy pasted from any website or researches/articles.
  • I will look for consistency of information.
  • The quality in which the contents are presented will add on to grading.
  • Specifications:
    • Font-Times New Roman
    • Font Size-12pt
    • Line spacing-1.5
    • Number of pages-3(excluding cover page and references/citation)
    • No pictures Strictly
      • If the paper turned in does not meet the above specifications, I will not grade your work. It will be a redo and resubmit.
  • Grading:
    • A Grade – For uniqueness, consistency, quality for presentation and following directions.
    • B Grade – Less unique, not very consistent and average presentation.
    • C Grade – Own work but not much effort put in researching the topic and turning in for the sake of it.
    • F Grade – Copy pasted or changing the personal information and turning in friend’s assignment.
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