George Mason University Contemporary Ethical Case Annotations

For this assignment, you will complete the preliminary steps for writing the background of a contemporary ethical case. Please Note: The final contemporary ethical case will cite five primary documents, five secondary documents and your original article for a minimum of eleven references and two visuals. If you want to work ahead you may, but for this assignment only five are required.

Annotations of Primary Documents
First, find five primary documents as data sources for your contemporary ethical case. This may include newspaper articles or pre-recorded transcripts from podcasts, court records, or video presentations.

Visual Chronology
A critical skill of a good or ethical engineer is to communicate by connecting to an audience. Visual data is one of the most powerful tools we can use to create a meaningful connection to someone else. Create a chronology of important events that you have surmised from your primary documents. Use parenthetical in-text citations where appropriate in your visual. Visually connect any two events that have causality where the first shapes the second. Use the following labels for important events:

  • First Label – Major or minor
  • Second Label – Serendipitous or Causal
    • If, Causal, then, use one of these three labels:
      • Background enabling – “[does] not directly cause the [outcome] to occur, [but] made it possible, in that without it, the [outcome] would not have occurred”(McGinn 2018, 41)
      • Background facilitating – does not directly cause the outcome of interest, but creates an environment that is favorable (McGinn 2018, 41)
      • Foreground precipitating – “trigg[ers] the outcome of interest”(McGinn 2018, 42)

Keep in mind, that each event will have at least two labels. Also, you need to properly credit where you found each event with attribution through in-text parenthetical citation as necessary.

The visual chronology might be submitted in various forms (whichever is most helpful to you and aids your writing of later assignments in this scaffolded series). You could submit a photograph of your hand-drawn chronology. Alternatively, you could submit an electronic file with clipart using Microsoft Powerpoint SmartArt (figure 1) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet chart (figure 2).

Figure 1 Visual Chronology with Microsoft Smart Art

Microsoft Excel Chart Timeline

Figure 2 Visual Chronology with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Finally, you could submit an electronic file with a list or table using Microsoft Word Table, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Submit the following Attachments

  1. Visual Chronology of Events (neatly hand-drawn and scanned or photographed, or, alternatively, typed in an electronic file using Microsoft Word SmartArt or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, etc.)
  2. Annotation 1, 2, 3 ….5
    • Bibliographic Reference
    • Summary
    • Three bullet points They Say/I Say

Reference: McGinn, Robert E. 2018. The Ethical Engineer: Contemporary Concepts and Cases. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Instruction: Writing an Annotation

Writing an Annotation (150-200 words)

One annotation should be approximately 150-200 words, including the bibliographic reference, paragraph, and three important points.

Type the full bibliographic reference, in your preferred citation format, for this article or book chapter

Use bullets to pull out three important points of scholarly argument and/or empirical data that help you to think about your research. VERY IMPORTANT: For each of these three important points, separate each bullet into two parts: what “They say” (e.g., a piece of data, a quote, a logical premise, etc. that you cite from the article) and what “I say” (your own assertion, original thought, or reflection about what they have said).

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