Genetic Mutations

As you explored a variety of biology-related topics during this course, you may have realized how much the study of biology influences the way you see and understand the world. Taking time to reflect on your learning enables you to deepen your understanding of new ideas and make them more meaningful to you personally. In this reflection, you consider the knowledge you have gained and the ways it has changed or may change your behavior or perspectives on important issues.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Recall the topics you have explored and discussed for your assignments and consider the following questions:
    • What new concepts did you explore? Which seem most relevant to you personally? Why?
    • What new perspective did you gain from the course Resources and/or from your interactions with your peers and your Instructor? How might this new perspective influence an attitude or behavior?
    • Have you changed your behavior based on something you learned in the course? If so, how have you changed and why?
    • Is there a biology-related policy that you like to advocate for or against based on what you have learned in this course?
  • Select one topic for your reflection based on your answers to the questions above.
  • Conduct research to identify a scientific article related to the topic you selected for your reflection.

All topics “explored” during my 6 week course

-Genetic Mutations

-A recommendation (at least two paragraphs long) for a policy that benefits the ecosystem in and surrounding Yellowstone National Park

-A proposal (at least two paragraphs long) for a strategy to address the antibiotic or pesticide resistance

-A recommendation (at least two paragraphs long) for a promising treatment of the genetic disease

-Evaluate whether your carbon footprint impacts the carbon cycle

Three characteristics of a scientific approach to the world

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