Gene Drive

Week 11. Recap and Looking Ahead.

Write a primary post of about 125 words on one of the following three topics. Reply to a fellow student on any topic.

Topic 1. Thinking back on what you have learned in this course, discuss

  • (a) The single most interesting or surprising thing you learned;
  • (b) What made it interesting or surprising?

Topic 2. Read the letter-to-the-editor by Dr. Cox, in which he states an opinion about the use of CRISPR for human gene editing. [This can be found in the Instructor Insights area.]

  • (a) In your own words, what is the main point that Dr. Cox is trying to make?
  • (b) How can our society reconcile differing views about the ethics of using biotechnology? Explain.

Topic 3. In the article by Zimmer (2017), Kevin Esvelt says that he made a huge mistake by championing the application of a technology that he now says is far too dangerous to actually deploy. In a post of about 125 words, address the following:

  • (a) What is the technology that he championed?
  • (b) Why does he think it’s too risky to use?


Cox, J. (2017, October 11). Compromise sure beats division. Courier-Record Newspaper [Blackstone, Virginia], p. A4.

Zimmer, C. (2017, November 16). ‘Gene drives’ are too risky for field trials, scientists say. The New York Times. Retrieved from…

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