Free speech and the role that this law plays around the country, Greenbalt article assignment help

I chose the article by Greenbalt for my discussion this week. This article focused on free speech and the role that this law plays around the country. Other countries do not recognize the same laws that American’s do, one being freedom of speech. This article discusses a lot of issues that have arisen throughout the world that were a direct result of individuals using freedom of speech. Many of these issues include riots and even individuals getting arrested and sentenced to death for utilizing freedom of speech in some countries. Many of the countries where the majority of the population is of Muslim decent, there are mamy restrictions placed on freedom of speech as there is a fear that freedom of speech will cause a lot of religious provoked riots and individuals “going against” the government. There is a fear that citizens will turn against their government if they are able to use the same right that American’s have to freely speak or write about anything they want to, including religious beliefs despite what religion it is for or against. There have also been concerns in other countries about the use of the internet to voice opinion. Twitter, Facebook and other sites have been band in certain countries. This is their governments way of controlling what information is leaked about their views and controversies within their country. 

  Although I enjoy the fact that in America, we are allowed the right to freedom of speech, I can see how it can sometimes cause problems. Although I was shocked at reading the article at how extreme other countries take this rule as far as not allowing their citizens to utilize freedom of speech, I understand their thought process behind it in that they are trying to keep the peace if you will. Yes, in some countries it is merely about control, but in others it seems that government officials and public administrators are enforcing their laws about freedom of speech (or lack there of) in order to protect their citizens and their country from backlash if certain citizens post or speak about things such as not agreeing with certain religious beliefs within their country, or racial issues or even their beliefs about their government officials. I do not necessarily agree that other countries are not allowing these individuals to have their freedom of speech but I understand where some are coming from. 

  A situation like this can be very difficult for public administrators because not only are they attempting to keep members of society safe, they are also trying to protect their country and their government, rules and laws. While reading the article, a lot of the controversies within the article was information that was gathered from different countries other than America. In America, freedom of speech is in our constitution so there really is no question about whether or not public administrators need to refrain from allowing individuals from using it. There is an expectation that those who are utilizing their freedom of speech will do it peacefully and not cause issues such as riots or other violent behaviors. It does not always happen like that and unfortunately sometimes law enforcement officials or government officials have to put a stop to individuals exercising their right to freedom of speech when the risk of other people getting hurt it greater than that of someone expressing their opinion. It is not only the responsibility of public administrators to ensure that citizens can utilize their first amendment to freedom of speech but they also have to ensure that the citizens are safe doing it. In other countries, this may not be the case. Public administrators in other countries do not recognize the same laws and some believe that as long as the public administrators are protecting the government, the citizens and what they want (as far as freedom of speech and believes go) do not matter. 

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

·  Offer and support an opinion from having read your colleagues’ postings about the responsibilities of public administrators who face ethical dilemmas.

·  Expand on your colleagues’ postings by synthesizing information and offering alternatives. 

·  If you are more familiar with life in a nation outside of the United States, explain how a public administrator in that country or region might respond ethically.

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