Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP), health and medicine homework help

In a 3-5 page paper address the following

Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP)

  1. Discuss the mission and vision of this organization.
  2. Describe the requirements for membership.
  3. Explain at least five benefits to belonging to this organization as a nurse practitioner
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the advocacy efforts of this organization by answering the following:
  • What are the current key issues of concern (name at least three)?
  • What actions are being taken by this organization to address these concerns?
  • What current legislative efforts are being done by this organization in one of the following areas:
    • expanding the NP scope of practice
    • NP regulation of practice
    • Healthcare policy
    • Payment issues
    • Prescriptive privileges
  • Reflect on how your membership to this organization can promote the NP profession.

Include at least 5-6 references

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