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Unit I Project Identifying EMS Benchmarks Using at least two of the resources below, including chapter 3 of your textbook, write an essay that includes at least five benchmarks: consider what type of benchmarks would be important for an EMS system in your community to monitor.

 Write an essay that includes: at least five benchmarks, including: o

2 clinical performance measures

o 2 response operational measures

o 1 personnel performance measure

 Justify why you have selected each of these in terms of controlling risk in your agency.

 Your paper should be at least one page in length, using APA (6th Ed.) formatting for all in-text and reference citations. References should be cited on a separate page.

Fitch & Associates. (2006). 50 EMS system benchmarks: A self-assessment. Retrieved from…

Ohio Public Safety. (2008). EMS regional benchmarks. Retrieved from…

Zavadsky, M. (2013, January). Clinical Benchmarks that Matter. EMS Insider. Retrieved from…

the bookPrinciples of Risk Management and Patient Safety: Youngberg, Barbara J.

Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety

Youngberg, Barbara J.

Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2010

ISBN 10: 0763774057 / ISBN 13: 9780763774059

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