financial ratios analysis for delta air lines case 1

Financial Ratios Analysis for Delta Air Lines Case

Please check the financial ratios in excel and read the word file. Use the word file to help you completed this paper. I highlight the ratios you need to analyze in excel. You don’t need to analyze all ratios. You just need to use three significant ratios from my highlight to do the analysis. If the case has the competitor’s ratios, you need to compare the company ratio to its competitor’s ratios too. Remember that, all the ratios are relative. Find out the relationship of the three significant ratios you choose and combine the information from the case to analyze. For example, the net profit margin is decreasing from 2009 to 2013. You need to indicate what these % mean and you need to find out the reasonable reasons in the case to explain why the net profit margin is etc. Remember that, you only can use the information in the case, do not use any reasons that do not mention in the case. The case date is up to 2015. No introduction and conclusion require

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