Fill in blanks questions/ and put a section in order, biology homework help

Taking in of foods and liquids through the mouth is called __________ The _______ are responsible for secreting fluids that make up salvia. Covered in papillae, the ______ is mostly skeletal muscle and mixes the food with salvia to form a bolus. When the bolus is swallowed it moves into a funnel shaped tube called the _____The extension of the soft palate that prevents food from entering the nasal cavity. When swallowing is the _____ The _____ is a muscular tube located behind the trachea for the passage of food. From here food moves into the ________an organ responsible for both chemical and mechanical digestion aided by rugae. The _____ is the region of small intestine that connects to the stomach.

List the following parts of the digestive system as food and waste would pass through then ( put them in order)

transverse colon, rectum, sigmoid colon, anus, oral cavity, cardiac sphincter, ascending colon, pharynx, ileum, cecum, duodenum, ileocecal sphincter, jejunum, stomach, descending colon, pyloric sphincter, esophagus

Located superior to the stomach the _______ regulates glucose and cholesterol levels and produces bile. The _____ secretes enzymes and bicarbonate ions into duodenum via the common bile duct. A small tube-like structure found at the cecum of the large intestine is the ______ _______ opens and close to control the passage of food and waste through the digestive tact. ________ is the process of elimination of solid waste products through the anus. The _______ layer of the GI tract protects it against pathogens and increases the surface area to aid in absorption. Finger-like projections of this layer in the small intestine are called _________ The _______ layer of the GI tracts consist of both smooth and skeletal muscle. The _______ layer of GI tracts secretes a watery fluid limiting friction between other parts of the GI tract.

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