Fiber Paper, science homework help

Your Assignment this week is to research one peer-reviewed journal article from the KU Library providing scientific evidence that fiber helps prevent disease. Review the article and answer each of the questions in the Assignment template. A scoring guide, and sample paper is available in Doc Sharing to guide you.

What is the title and source of the article? Use APA format for the reference. ( article attached)

  1. Name the disease or diseases mentioned in the article.
  2. What types of fibers and foods are mentioned in the article?
  3. Name and describe the people/population groups used in the research studies mentioned in the article.
  4. According to the article, what are the findings related to fiber and disease prevention?
  5. Which findings related to fiber and disease prevention have strong supporting evidence?
  6. Which findings related to fiber and disease prevention have less certain evidence? What makes the evidence uncertain?
  7. Thinking about your own diet, what changes could you make to your own dietary habits to increase the amount of fiber you eat? Identify at least two specific foods you can add to your diet to improve your fiber intake.

Additional Assignment Information

  1. You will need to use a peer-reviewed journal article and not information from an open content website such as WikipediaTM .
  2. You will be graded on your ability to summarize the information as well as your ability to defend your responses with empirically based data.
  3. Your response should be no less than 500 words (not including the words in the summary template) and written in complete sentences.
  4. Make sure to include an APA formatted reference.
  5. Please refer to the template, scoring guide, and sample paper in Doc Sharing to guide you.
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