Exploring the Pearson VUE Website


  1. Write a summary of your findings. What did you find helpful? Did the practice exam help you understand what to expect? Summarize the 3 AHIMA Testing Policies and list the closest testing site to your home where you will take your exam.

2. Closest Testing Site:

Pearson Professional Centers-Tampa FL

3922 Coconut Palm Drive
Suite 101
Sabal Business Center 5
Tampa, Florida 33619
United States

Review Website and topics:

Go to Pearson Vue.com

  1. Take an online tour of a Pearson Professional Center
  2. Pearson VUE testing tutorial and practice exam
  3. What to expect in a Pearson VUE test center
  4. Test accommodation
  5. What is the closest location to your home?
  6. Check the test availability based on your anticipated date of graduation. Remember, you’ll have upto 120 days after you receive your ATT letter. It could take 6 to 8 weeks normally to get your ATT after your application has been submitted to AHIMA. Are there testing days available? (Note: These dates may fill up between now and the time you’ll be able to schedule your exam.)
  7. Summarize the AHIMA Testing Policies listed on the Pearson VUE site
  8. Admission Policy
  9. Reschedule Policy
  10. Cancellation Policy
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