explain kpis as they relate to web analytics

Assignment Instructions:

  • Explain KPIs what are they, as they apply to web analytics.
  • Explain your position if you agree or disagree with their relevance in web analytics.
  • Explain your position.

Class: You may find newer and older resources listed each week in the Lessons and Assignments; however, the older resources are still relevant in content and concept. The relevancy is noted in that they build on the structural foundation of web analytics. We must be aware that Web Analytics is always in motion, and organizations are seeking to create actionable insights driving the decision making process.

Class, please feel free to explore your own research for eBooks, journals and articles that best answer the topics and assignments. Do your best to locate resources that are no more than three (3) years old.


Unoriginal Content:

Your essay may contain no more than 1% quotes from other sources. Paraphrase what you read instead of copying and pasting. You may not re-use work that you have submitted in previous classes. All work in this class must be original.

Essays that contain more than 20% unoriginal content will not earn any credit. Essays that contain between 3% – 19% unoriginal content will receive a substantial point deduction. Paraphrase instead of copying and pasting. Please note there is a difference between unoriginal content and plagiarism. Unoriginal content is correctly quoted and cited. Plagiarized sentences and paragraphs are not correctly quoted or cited. Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment.

Helpful Assignment Articles Web Links and Readings:

KPI Example PDF Report

2014: Top 5 Google Analytics KPIs: A Beginner’s Guide to Web Analyticshttp://www.datapine.com/blog/top-5-google-analytics-kpis/

2012: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/measure-choose-smarter-kpis-incentives/

2011: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/best-web-metrics-kpis-small-medium-large-business/

2010: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/web-analytics-101-definitions-goals-metrics-kpis-dimensions-targets/

2009: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/insights-web-analytics-kpi-measurement-techniques/

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