Evidence Based Program Review

Evidence-Based Program Review:

  • The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with existing healthy eating/weight management programs that have proven to result in positive behavioral changes. You may use these programs as is, or as a starting point to develop a healthy eating program in your health ed career (Ch. 4&5; CHES Responsibility II).
  • Go to one of the Evidence-Based Program websites listed in Appendix 5 and choose one program to review. *Note: Programs must be able to be implemented by a health educator, NOT only by an RD or physician. Type a 1 page (550 word minimum) paper that includes the following info in 3 paragraphs: 1) the website name and URL; the program name and developer’s name; a description of the target audience the program is intended for, the program objectives and a summary of the program content; 2) the results of the program evaluation (e.g., why it was determined to be an ‘evidence-based program;’ what behavior(s) it changed); 3) your critique of the program (e.g., what did you like/not like about the program; how and when would you use it; etc.); and the value of this activity to you as a student. *Note: A website with content information or general guidelines for effective healthy eating programs is NOT an evidence-based program and will not count for credit.
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