Ethnographic Research Paper, chemistry homework help

The topic is Family cultures

In order to help you prepare for your
Ethnographic Research Paper, you will be expected to complete a total of
five (5)annotated bibliographies.
Four (4) will be from
peer reviewed journal articles, scientific magazines or governmental websites and
one (1) will be from the chapter in your textbook that you feel will be the
most relevant to your sub-culture. It is important to note that you should also be using terminology from other chapters in your text or ones that you have learned in class. The chapter in the textbook used for your Annotated Bibliography should just be a starting point.

Annotated bibliographies can be very useful in your college career. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help you remember what a specific article (or group of articles) is about. It will also help you pull out key terms and quotations that you can use in your paper. This assignment will also help you learn the proper way to cite a peer reviewed journal article in
Harvard style (Links to an external site.) which you will use in the
Ethnographic Research Paper.

The articles you choose
must be
peer reviewed journal articles, or magazines like Scientific American or sites like the NIH.. In some cases it may be difficult to find a peer reviewed journal article about your specific sub-culture. This is when you may need to go a little broader and think of other groups that your sub-culture may fit into. For example, if you are researching World of Warcraft (a video game) you may need to search for video gaming in general. If you are struggling to find a peer reviewed journal article, set up an appointment to see me. Please be sure to review this document prior to contacting me:
How to search for journal articles HCC.docxView in a new window


  • Each annotated bibliography should be a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Please upload them as one file (in other words put them all in one document).
  • Be sure to follow the instructions below carefully!


While you are reading the articles complete the following information:

Chapter in Textbook:

For the fifth annotated bibliography, you will use the chapter from your textbook that you feel will most closely relates to your ethnography. In other words, what chapter has the most terminology (elements of anthropology) that you expect to witness while you are doing participant observation. For this annotated bibliography, complete the following information:

  • Full citation (Same as above)
  • Main Points with Quotations (minimum of 3, supported by parenthetical reference in Harvard style (Links to an external site.))
  • Terminology with definitions (the definitions that you feel will be represented in your ethnography)
  • Brief summary describing how you think it will relate and support your ethnography

You will submit the assignment via Canvas.

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