Ethics Project Healthcare, assignment help (1-2 pages)

Review the scenario below. Throughout the course, you will be referring to this scenario, coming up with an appropriate solution, and reflecting on your thinking process. 

Your 82-year-old patient is in kidney failure and requires hemodialysis but this sort of medical intervention goes against her religious beliefs. Without this treatment she will certainly die. With the treatment she can expect to live a relatively normal life for years to come. She has no other diseases or conditions. 

Part 1: 

In such serious situations it is important to have a good foundation for your perspective. Consider the patient’s decision to refuse the treatment and respond to the following: 

1.Define the problem using your own words.

2.What do you think someone following Kant’s moral perspective would say about the patient’s decision?

3.How do you feel about this patient’s decision? Should patients have the right to refuse reasonable treatment?

Your assignment should be 1-2 pages and in APA format.

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