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Unit 3 Biology Questions

Instructions: Answer following question using the reading material provided for the unit. Each question answered in a minimum of 100 word per question in APA format.

  1. How is light energy harvested in photosynthesis?
  2. Trace the flow of carbon within the process of photosynthesis.Be sure to include the following terms in your description: Glucose, NADPH, ATP, Calvin cycle, RUBISCO, CO2.
  3. If a green plant is exposed to only green light in a laboratory, predict what will happen to the green plant. Why?
  4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the C3 pathway for photosynthesis.Under which conditions would a C3 plant have an advantage?a disadvantage?
  5. What is the role of hydrogen ion gradients in both cellular respiration in the mitochondria and photosynthesis in the chloroplast?
  6. Compare and contrast the processes of catabolism and anabolism. Explain one way each of the terms differs from each other in relation to cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
  7. Describe how cell metabolism affects the processing of a pear as it moves through the process of cellular respiration.Be sure to list each step of cellular respiration and account for the energy released from the pear at each step.
  8. A toxic drug is discovered that has the ability to promote the degradation all the NADH in a cell.Explain why the lack of NADH would be problematic as it relates to energy production.
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