Environmental Health Challenges Ahead: Lessons from the Front Lines, health and medicine homework help

Select one (1) environmental health problem affecting the community in which you live or work. (You may draw from those identified in the lecture or select something else entirely). Define the problem and briefly measure the magnitude of the problem (1 paragraph total). Be sure to explain how this environmental problem relates to human health. Then describe the role of your community’s national or local environmental health organization in the public health problem solving approach. What is this organizations role in identifying and developing intervention and prevention strategies? What strategies might they recommend? How will they set priorities and recommend policies to address this problem? What is their role in implementing and evaluating programs to address this challenge? You do not need to speak about the US EPA – you can describe the role of whatever environmental public health agencies exist in any country where you live or work. The aim of this question is to illustrate how a public health approach would be implemented for an environmental health challenge we currently face. lecture attached

See attached for Formatting and Citation instructions . Please follow the instructions and answer all the questions above.

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