Engineering Material Failure from your everyday life, assignment help

Please follow the 5 instruction below and I need very simple essay to read because I am an international student.

The topic going to be the failure of using plastic bags. please make researches and paraphrase every information you will use in the essay. 

Please read the instructions first and follow them clearly:

1. Identify an engineering material failure from your everyday life

2. Investigate what kind of material it is, and why it fails. 

3. Research what material would be better  

4. You must follow material selection strategy. 

5. Proper documentation is a critical. 

6. State your engineering failure problem clearly. Also show data about that material and reason of failure. I saw few misunderstanding of reason of failure. 

7. you must have a supporting data for your claim. For example, if you said one material is strong, show actual value of strength of material but also show comparison with other materials with proper format.  

8.  Above 2 are applying to all steps, whenever/wherever you claim your opinion. Have a proof. 

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