emerging topics and issues in your field of study

What are the emerging topics and issues in your field of study? Identify at least two professional associations to which practitioners in your field might belong and review the association websites. For example, depending on your degree program and specialization, you might review the website of one or more of the professional associations on this list (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., but don’t limit yourself to the organizations on the list. Find two professional associations that pertain specifically to your field of study—on the list or of your own discovery—and write your assignment based on information from those two associations. Search these websites for information about the work of professionals in your field and for current topics or emerging issues confronting practitioners. For example, you might:

  • Look for topics that are addressed in conferences and workshops offered by the associations.
  • Search for white papers or position statements published by the associations.
  • Evaluate topics and themes you find in print and Internet publications or discussions sponsored by the associations.

Then, in your initial discussion post:

  • Identify which professional associations you selected, including a link to their Internet sites.
  • Briefly explain the importance of each organization to practitioners in your field.
  • Discuss the topics or emerging issues you discovered through these associations or through the associations’ publications that seem to be most important to practitioners in your field of study, and explain why the topics or themes are important.
  • Identify which of the topics or emerging issues you found most compelling to you personally and professionally, and explain why.
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