Emergency Situations: Preparedness, Planning, and Response, health and medicine homework help

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For my topic I chose ;Emergency Situations: Preparedness, Planning, and Response. Many times, we do not know what to do in emergency situations when it does not pertain to ourselves. The privacy act can make you question what would be the next step. The government has decided to assist in those questions with an inactive guide to help you, This interactive decision tool designed to assist emergency preparedness and recovery planners in determining how to gain access to and use health information about persons with disabilities or others consistent with the Privacy Rule. The rresponse tool is there to assist patients in receiving the care they need, as well as to assist in disaster relief, public health, and law enforcement efforts. the government may also Waive sanctions and penalties if in the event of a emergency or disaster is declared. These rules would be in the emergency area and for the emergency period identified in the public health emergency declaration. To hospitals that have instituted a disaster protocol. The waiver would apply to all patients at such hospitals. For up to 72 hours from the time the hospital implements its disaster protocol. There is a guide for every type of situation whether you are a patient or professional.

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