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Germany which was at one time called the Federal Republic of Germany which was founded in 1949 in during an important time in Germany when Germany was defeated in World Was 2, it wasn’t until the 1990 that five states where developed within Germany. “In Accordance with modern European patterns of demographic development, Germany’s population rose from about 25 million in 1815 to over 60 million in 1914 despite heavy emigration. In 1997 the total population of Germany was 82 million” (every culture).

Throughout time Germany has evolved and it has also had its share of population changes, During World war 2 when Germany segregated people based on there religion, separating the Jews from the rest of the population and putting them through the horrible things that they went through is something that Germany has never really recovered from . “Germany is the homeland of the reformation, yet martin Luther is a very contentious symbol, since 34 percent of all Germans are Roman Catholic, in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, Germany became known as the land of poets and philosophers (Every Culture).

Germany’s identity became troubled after World War 2 after the extreme murder of over 6 million Jews. As a public administrator it is important that the history of Germany is looked at several things happened throughout the history of Germany that needs to be looked at so that the same things don’t keep happening to the magnitude of what happened during world war 2 something that Germany has never fully recovered from. Human Rights are something that should always be put in the upfront of all history. Germany is something that we look at as a reflection of history, you cannot open a history book without this being a topic of discussion and because of that Human rights act have been put into place.

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

·  Compare and contrast the regulations about gift giving between your own place of residence and those of your colleagues.

·  Expand on your colleagues’ postings by offering another strategy for resolving any conflict your colleagues might experience between their personal, professional, and/or government ethical codes regarding gift giving.

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