electrical or computer engineering small research

is to pick one of the fields of Electrical or Computer Engineering and do

some online research on it. The area can be broad (e.g., communications) or more specific (e.g., wireless sensor

networks) – but not as broad as all of electrical engineering. You can pick something that you are already

interested in, or something you know nothing about but just sounds interesting. If you are looking for a place to

start you might try the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers at


and look at their list of

technical societies. The individual society web pages may be a good place to get information – some are better

than others. There is also a handout on D2L from Engineering Your Future which has a brief overview of ECE

– it may also give you some ideas to get started.

Write a short essay (about 1 page with average type size and margins, approximately 500 words) on your field

of choice. This assignment is pretty open as far as what you should include, but a possible outline might be:

1) first paragraph: a general overview of the field,

2) second paragraph: some more specific information on job descriptions and opportunities in that field, and

3) third paragraph: a specific example of a particular job, company or person in that field.

This is only a suggestion; follow your interests and where the research takes you. Note that

you must include

whatever references you use

, and the paper should be typed. The assignment will be graded for information

(content that reflects the assignment) and readability (clear and correct spelling and grammar

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