egress and life safety analysis 1

  1. A meeting room at a convention center is 7,800 m2. There are 4,200 people in the space.
    1. What is (Fruin’s) Level of Service?
    2. What is the density (in people/m2)
  2. You have a maximum travel distance of 178 ft. to an exit. Assuming maximum walking velocities, what is the time to reach the exit?
  3. At JFK Airport, the corridor leading from the parking garage to the Jet Blue Airlines terminal is 30 ft. wide x 2,000 ft. long. 850 occupants are evenly dispersed.
    1. What is Fruin’s Level of Service?
    2. What is the density?
    3. What is the average walking speed of the occupants? (provide citation)
    4. What is the specific flow? (provide citation)
  4. In a movie theater, 158 occupants are evacuating through two 32 inch doors into an open space. Assume a density (D) of 0.105 occupants/ft2.
    1. What is the area of the movie theater?
    2. What is Fruin’s Level of Service?
    3. Estimate the time to move through the doors?

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