efine Emergency, Disaster, and Catastrophe. Which is the least severe, which is the most?, essay questions help

I. Short Answers Choose three (3) questions of the following five (5) questions. Answer each question chosen fully. You do not need to provide citations; I assume you will be drawing your information from the course readings.

1. Define Emergency, Disaster, and Catastrophe. Which is the least severe, which is the most?

2. Define, and compare and contrast, natural and technological hazards, providing two (2) good examples of each to illustrate your answer.

3. Define Risk and Risk Analysis. What is the relative risk (high, low, somewhere in-between) for (1) flooding, (2) hurricanes, (3) tornadoes, and (4) tsunamis in the State of Indiana? In California?

4. What is the National Flood Insurance Program? When and why was it created? Explain how greater participation in the Program was achieved.

5. Identify and explain four (4) long- or short-term impacts that Hurricane Katrina had on the practice of emergency management.

IV. Essay Question Choose one (1) question of the following three (3) questions. Answer each question chosen fully.

Note: No answer will be of the same length. Include all answers to the sub-questions in your response. Review each answer prior to submittal to make sure that you have answered each question completely.

1. Post- September 11th, 2001, the 9/11 Commission identified four (4) U.S. Government policy failures that could have prevented the attacks. (1) What were they? (2) What actions did the Commission recommend to prevent similar events in the future? (3) Provide a good definition of terrorism. How is terrorism different from natural and technological hazards? How is terrorism (domestic or international) different from an individual criminal act, serial killings or mass murder? (4) In 2005, how did the 9/11 Commission rate the efforts of the Federal Government to address the shortfalls in terrorism preparedness outlined in their original report? (5) Since 9/11, name and describe (briefly, 1-3 good, descriptive sentences) five (5) acts of terrorism that have been thwarted (prevented).

2. Collaboration and coordination are important and necessary activities associated with effective emergency management. (1) Define Collaboration and Coordination. What is the difference between the two? (2) What is a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)? What does it do, and who would be on such a committee? (3) Name three (3) other emergency management networks. Choose one, and describe the organizations, or types of organizations, that would be involved in such a network. (4) According to the readings (or the PowerPoint slides), what enhances (increases) the likelihood of effective coordination? (5) What personal and professional qualities should a manager have if facilitating a collaborative process or coordinating an emergency effort? How are these qualities different from being a mid-level manager within a traditional hierarchical structure?

3. Effective communications are absolutely essential to responding to any emergency or disaster. (1) What is the mission of an effective disaster communications strategy? And, what are the five (5) critical assumptions of such a strategy? (2) What is the goal of, and motivation for, a media partnership? Explain why an emergency management/media partnership is important. (3) Describe the guidelines that should be followed when working with the media in disaster response. (4) Name and describe six (6) basic emergency management audiences. (5) What three (3) factors do the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) and its state and local partners need to address to improve its communications with the American people?

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