Educational Brochure

Please follow the EDUCATIONAL BROCHURE RUBRIC ( I uploaded the Rubric)


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to apply education theories and concepts to written instructional materials for a public healthcare issue. Instructions: Identify a healthcare related learning need in your community and the characteristics of the population impacted by the need. Design a single page trifold brochure to address the identified learning need. Include evidence based instructions with references. Ensure that the brochure is appropriately designed for the target population using concepts from health literacy, and considering the anticipated developmental and cognitive levels of learners. Submit an analysis of readability with your brochure using one of the tools on page 322-323 in the Miller & Stoeckel textbook. Demonstrate creativity while adhering to education principals for written materials through the use of graphic design. The competencies, contained in the Educational Brochure Rubric, will be assessed through this assignment.

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