Earth Sciences Questions

A friend once said that a hurricane in the
Northern Hemisphere has a constant left-hand turn (cyclonic) pattern because
the Coriolis effect curves things to the left in the Northern Hemisphere. This
is not correct, since you know that the Coriolis effect in the North curves
things to the right, not the left. Criticize my friend’s point of view by
explaining how he may have been confused by the fact that even though the
constant left-hand-turn of a hurricane is accurate, it is actually caused by a
right-hand curve created by the Coriolis effect.


Examine Figure 14.13. Given your understanding
of the conditions required for the formation of a thunderstorm, why would there
be so many thunderstorms in eastern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico? What
is so special about this relatively small area?


Of the three “Local Wind” types discussed in the
textbook, which do you think could be most easily harnessed for the generation
of electricity by a huge wind farm? Some important things to consider: strength
and consistency of the wind, location of a good electrical grid to carry the power,
surface on which to build the farm and proximity to a large population center.


Why would you expect it to be warmer at night on
a beach as opposed to inland? Explain.


Discuss stellar evolution (describing each stage
in brief). What forces are opposing one another throughout the life of a star
and how do they influence the various stages in the life cycle of a star?


How do we calculate or determine the distances
to stars? What units do we use and what are the limitations (if any) of the
method used for such calculations?


What would it mean if astronomers saw blue hues
around some stars and red hues around others? Explain your answer.


You hear from an astronaut that the stars when
viewed from the space station do not twinkle, yet they do twinkle when you look
at them from your house. Come up with a list of things that are different
between the astronaut’s view and yours and present an hypothesis as to what is
the cause of this.


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