Domestic, Municipal wastewater, environmental science homework help

CPA 7 : Guided Reading Questions – CH10 (Due: October 24th)

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Domestic, Municipal wastewater
    2. Industrial wastewater
    3. Aerobic
    4. Anaerobic
    5. Septic Tank
    6. Sewer system
    7. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
    8. Effluent
    9. Discharge
    10. Biomass
    11. Biofilm
    12. Suspended Biological System
    13. Fixed bed system
    14. Bar Screens
    15. Grit
    16. Clarifier
    17. Activated Sludge
    18. Microbial growth
    19. F/M Ratio
    20. Lag Phase
    21. Log Phase
    22. Death Phase
    23. Stationary phase
    24. Waste activated sludge (WAS)
    25. Returned activated sludge (RAS)
    26. Supernatant
    27. Sludge blanket
    28. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS)
    29. Jet Aerator
    30. Diffuser system
    31. Trickling Filter
    32. Porous Media
    33. Porosity
    34. Digester
    35. Thickener
    36. Sludge
    37. Solid content
    38. Aerobic Digestion
    39. Anaerobic Digestion
    40. Stabilization
    41. Hydrolysis
    42. Acidogenesis
    43. Methanogenesis
    44. Dewatering
    45. Sludge Disposal
    46. Land Application
  1. What are the steps involved in Preliminary Treatment?
  2. What are the steps involved in Primary Treatment?
  3. What are the unit operation and processes involved in Secondary (Biological) Treatment?
  4. What are the unit operation and processes involved in Tertiary (Advanced) Treatment?
  5. What are the three main disinfectants used in waste water treatment?
  6. Why do we need to do Sludge Treatment?
  7. What are the steps to Sludge Treatment and handling?
  8. What is the average water content of the sludge from primary and secondary clarifiers?
  9. What is the goal of Sludge stabilization?
  10. How is solid content of the sludge relate to the volume of the sludge?
  11. What does the final solid content of the sludge should achieve to be able to call it efficient?
  12. How does aerobic digestion compare to the anaerobic digestion?
  13. What are the possible alternatives for Sludge Disposal?
  14. What are pros and cons about alternative sludge disposal methods?
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