Domain Performance Tracking

Reviewing test and quiz results is an effective method of determining strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of this data will help the student identify their readiness by domain and from an overall perspective. Using these results, the student can determine how to most effectively utilize their study time. For this part of your Capstone Project, you will develop a tool for tracking your assessment performance.

  1. Using Excel, create a basic spreadsheet that can be used to display your assessment results. Here is a sample of a spreadsheet showing test results.

Domain Performance Analysis Spreadsheet
For assistance with Excel, you should reference the Rasmussen Excel Resources

  1. To complete this week’s assignment, submit a copy of your Domain Performance Analysis spreadsheet with your Pre-Assessment test results and the results of your Domain 1 Quiz. For your Pre-Assessment results, include the breakdown of how you did on each domain.
  2. Note: Now that you have your spreadsheet created, continue adding your quiz results each week to maintain tracking. Toward the end of this course, you will submit a fully updated spreadsheet along with an analysis of your performance. This analysis will help you decide how to continue preparing for your RHIT Exam after graduation. Here is an example of what your spreadsheet should look like by the end of the course:

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