document series 6

plz no plagiarism at all my instructor is really serious about it

read all the following description

there r 4 scenarios I chose the second one which I provided below

Project 1: Document Series

15% of Final Grade:

  • 50 points for draft
  • 100 points for final draft and self-reflection memo
  • Extra credit: You can receive 5 points of extra credit if you apply the 5 Sentences rule to your email deliverable(s) and include the appropriate explanatory link in your email’s signature line.
    • Learning Objectives:

      • Practice writing various forms of business correspondence and documents (i.e., email, letters, memos)
      • Address purpose and audience in business correspondence
      • Practice selecting the appropriate correspondence genre (i.e., email, letters, memos) for a specific rhetorical situation
      • Develop a professional writing style, paying particular attention to concision (i.e., brevity), tone, and organization

      Assignment Instructions:Read the following four scenarios and produce the requested documents for one scenario only. Each scenario asks you to prepare a range of documents. You are responsible for determining the appropriate genre (email, memo, or business letter) and content for each document based on the scenario description you choose. Please see below for the four scenarios, and then choose one to respond to.

      SCENARIO 2

      You are the project manager of a civil engineering company. Your current project is a large-scale (100 miles) construction project that is restoring a portion of the wetlands in coastal Louisiana and SE Texas. Currently, you are building a series of temporary access roads so that you can get equipment to one of the low-lying areas. This project involves a literal convoy of heavy trucks. Your firm has received numerous complaints from local residents about the noise and dust. In particular, you’ve received three letters from the same woman, Winnifred Doucette Lejeune. The last letter contained 10 additional signatures. If residents’ complaints continue to escalate, they could slow down the project and put you behind schedule. You make a trip from the office headquarters in Lafayette, LA to the Calcasieu/Sabine Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Area to see what’s going on. On site, you see everything seems to progressing fine. Workers are on the job by 7:00am and running until almost sundown, but in the local bar and grill, all the talk is about “the darn government project to nowhere.” When you get back to the office you decide you need to take action. Deliverables Based on the scenario above, your deliverables will be the following:

      • document to Winnifred Doucette Lejeune, who after further investigation, is a local resident that seems to spearhead any effort the town needs
      • document to the company vice-president, Richard Smith, who asked to be told of any problem, or in his words, “anything that even remotely smells like a problem” with the project.
      • document to sub-contractor supervisor at the construction site. Your firm has used this sub-contractor for almost five years, but this is the first project you’ve worked on with this particular supervisor.

      Please put all documents in ONE file (PDF or MS Word) and upload to USF Writes by the draft and final draft due dates.

      Plz LMK if u have any Q or about the link

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