Dissertation critical appraisal of 13 papers using the CASP tool checklist to be done in a table form

I have a total of 13 articles up to date that might be of potential use to my literature review writing at later stage.

Therefore, I am writing in to enquire regarding critical appraisal of those 13 papers using the CASP tool checklist to be done in a table form and evidence list.


– Critically appraise all the articles (table format)

– Using the CASP Tool Checklist

– Only focuses critiquing on “(1) Lavender aromatherapy, (2) Sleep, (3) Falls.

– need the evidence list.

– references

Additional notes sample of the casp done in table form but to note there is a remark column section to write in the findings Inline image 2 and this is a separate table to be done for each articles as well. As my topic is on “The relationship between Lavender aromatherapy and sleep reduces fall”

Attached 13 articles and the sample table form


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