Discussion Question on health care system

The health care system is composed of several different types of delivery models that are managed at several different levels. Select a SPECIFIC hospital in Maryland (either that you are familiar with or one you are interested in). 

First identify what type of hospital you have selected and discuss why this is important in relation to their market (patients, community, competition, and government agencies).  Second evaluate their current top leader; what makes them qualified to hold this role, how are they doing to date, and what key traits must this individual possess to be successful in their specific role?

Utilize scholarly literature to support your claims – be clear that you understand non-profit vs. for profit vs. government hospitals – similarly there is a multitude of literature and information on leadership that apply to health care executives. Consider items like the socioeconomic environment, leadership credibility, background and other factors that play into the success of a hospital and a leader.

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