Discussion Post- KBB

Please complete questions below using the CLAS standards and Kleinman-Benson approach, if they are not incorporated into answer I will have to refund the payment (has happened before). Please use APA format and the book, Edberg, M. (2013).Essentials of health, culture, and diversity

Actions for DB 5: Culturally Congruent Nursing Care

When we think about culturally congruent nursing care and interventions, there are significant dimensions to consider. Chapter 11 has provided a wide range of issues to consider when incorporating cultural information in program development, implementation, and evaluation. There are basic principles to consider in the practical application of programming. In addition, Chapter 12 speaks to the connection between the effort to eliminate health disparities and the concept of cultural competence. The CLAS cultural competence standards are described, as is the “Kleinman-Benson” take on cultural competence.

There are TWO elements to this discussion. The first gives YOU one of three options to present. The scenarios are from Chapter 11, Pg. 156-157. The final prompt is about cultural competence and health disparities.

A. First, select ONE of the three scenarios described below, and develop your initial post with the question prompts. Title your post with the scenario name. In your reply posts, reply to at least ONE who has presented a case other than the one you presented.

  1. Scenario #1: Encouraging the Use of Oral Rehydration Therapy. Please read the scenario on pg. 156 about children with juvenile diarrhea. Question for discussion: What can you do to work with the indigenous system and yet provide the oral rehydration therapy to families? What would be your strategies/approaches? In your initial post, incorporate both CLAS standards and Kleinman and Benson approach.
  2. Scenario #2: Smoking Intervention. Please read the scenario on pg. 156. Question: Your task is to increase utilization of the stop-smoking program via culturally tailored approaches. How might you do this? In your initial post, incorporate both CLAS standards and Kleinman and Benson approach.
  3. Scenario #3: Improving Clinic Utilization. Please read the scenario on pg. 157 about a very diverse US city with two clinics – one that is strong and one not well used. Question: How might you increase utilization of clinic no. 2? In your initial post, incorporate both CLAS standards and Kleinman and Benson approach.

B. Second, to wrap up this post, present what you feel is the connection between cultural competence and the issue of health disparities?

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