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Online discussion: Construct responses to only one of the following discussion questions. As always, keep your response scientific, and justify using information from scientific sources.

Read the BIOLOGY MATTERS-Bioethical “DNA Fingerprinting and the Criminal Justice System”on page 497 of the text. As part of the criminal justice database, DNA samples are being taken and stored for further examination. What positive things could come from such a database? Should everyone, criminal or not, be asked to contribute to this database? How might the database be used to violate privacy? What kinds of information can be learned from a sample of your DNA? It is said that DNA evidence can exclude a person, but it can never prove a person guilty. What does this mean? Are there ever mistakes made in DNA fingerprinting? How reliable is it? (Refer to Chapter 21.)

Discuss the value of new genetically engineered crops with greater yields. What are the advantages of these crops with greater yields? What are the disadvantages of planting only a single crop? Include a discussion of native land races and genetic diversity in your discussion. With a growing human population, are these genetically engineered crops the best (or maybe the only) option available for feeding the world? (Refer to Chapter 21.)

Discuss the ethics of transgenic animals and animal rights. Is there a problem with having pigs cloned and raised solely for the purpose of providing hearts for xenotransplantation? Should entire herds of cloned goats be raised solely to produce human pharmaceuticals? Do these animals have any rights? Should they? (Refer to Chapter 21.)

NOTE: Your response should not merely quote or paraphrase the content in the course text. You are expected to analyze and expand upon the information in the text. You are expected to properly cite all sources used to prepare the responses, according to APA formatting guidelines. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words, although top responses will likely be longer. For each discussion forum topic, each student must also respond to a minimum of two classmates’ responses.

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