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Chapter Three: Social Welfare Policy Analysis

Krager and Stoesz (2011) define social welfare policy research (analysis) as a systematic investigation of a social policy or set of policies. They also state that all well-framed policy frameworks include the following eight key elements:

  • Systematic analysis
  • Understanding that social policy is context sensitive
  • Employ rational methods of inquiry
  • Explicit, succeeding analysis should approximate same conclusion
  • Based on commitment to largest possible social benefit, least cost
  • Attempt to take into account unintended consequences
  • Consider alternative social policies
  • Examine impact on other social policies, social problems, and overall public good
  • In your own words, describe and explain the 8 elements listed above. Be sure to use academic sources to support your comments.


    Karger, H. J., & Stoesz, D. (2011). American social welfare policy: A pluralist approach (6th

    Ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson

    In order to earn full credit for the online discussion posts, the individual and response posts should be accurate and fully supported with substance making at least one reference to the unit material, text, or other academic source and meet the length requirement of 200-350 words minimum. Your responses should be clearly written and consist of original ideas rather than a recap of what others contribute. If you agree with the post, then support your agreement in your own words. Avoid stating statements “great post.”

    OK dont worry about the respond part just the discusion part

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