discussion ethics concept

For your original post, read the case study and answer the prompts below. Be sure to support your arguments by citing and referencing at least two reputable sources.

Note – You do not need to include the questions or the case study in your post.

Case Study: A fourth-year medical student on rotation in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) was invited to observe the operative repair of a congenital heart lesion in the pediatric cardiac surgery operating room (OR). When the student arrived in the OR, the patient was already intubated and anesthetized, and procedures were underway to prep the patient for surgery. The student observed one of the team members insert a Foley catheter into the female patient. He was surprised to see that no efforts were made to perform “sterile prep” prior to insertion. However, being new to this setting and assuming different practices were used in pediatric patients, the student dismissed the incident and did not mention it to anyone in the OR.

    • How should the medical student have handled the situation?
    • What can be done to cultivate a culture of safety?
    • Finally, briefly in a few sentences describe how the concepts of professionalism, legal issues, and ethics all relate to the case above.

Note: For this discussion board assignment, you must first submit your original post, before you will be able to view and respond to the posts of your peers.

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