discussion board what is a grant

Read (Karsh & Fox) Chapters 1 – 3 and Funders Roundtable I – Grantsmanship and the Funding Environment

  • What is a grant? What are the steps in achieving a grant?
  • What is a stakeholder and please identify who you believe are the stakeholders for Central Washington University. How did you identify them? (if you haven’t taken Non-Profit Management yet, you can find plenty of reliable sources on the internet that will help you identify what an organizational stakeholder is).
  • What is your current writing background and are there specific areas you believe you need more help with and why? Since this is an online course, I want to make sure you are developing in the areas that are most important to you and your future.

*remember follow up posts are included as part of the participation grade

Please note:

  • Initial Discussion Board Post Due each Friday by 11:59 (250 word minimum) (please back up your comments with citations from the book or articles you have read) I do not just want your opinions, but I want you to back it up with research demonstrating you are reading the book and outside sources.
  • Discussions are the place to gain a deeper understanding of the material, so please embrace this process.
  • Very important to cite and to be providing sources to support your points of view.
  • Sources can be from the text books or information you found elsewhere.
  • APA Style
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