Discuss the advantages and disadvantage of continuing to offer healthcare programs as entitlement and block grants.

Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Medicare were established in part because the private health insurance market was not developing affordable, comprehensive health insurance products for society’s low-income, elderly, and disabled populations. Federal and state governments chose to fill some of those gaps through Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare. The gaps were substantial, as shown by the over 100 million beneficiaries served by these three programs today. Due to the needs of vulnerable populations and the requirements necessary to make health insurance coverage for them viable, these programs are quite different from standard private health insurance plans. Many of these programs were established as an entitlement or block grant.

Based on the results of the latest healthcare reform initiatives, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to offer healthcare programs as entitlement and block grants. What are the economic and healthcare risks and benefits of each approach? Does your answer depend on who is paying for the program? How might the answers change if you ask a member of the federal government, a governor, a state legislator, an advocate, or a tax-paying citizen who is not eligible for benefits under the program?

This Chapters assigned to read for this Discussion Question is Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 from Essentials of Health Policy and Law Third Edition by Joel B Teitelbaum and Sara E. Wilensky (Copyright 2017)

Attached are the power point summaries for Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 from the book.

Grading Criteria for this Discussion Question is attached (What the Professor is looking for and how he will grade).

Further instructions about the Discussion Question:


  • Responses should be long enough to thoroughly answer the questions or problems. All outside sources must be cited accordingly and per APA.
  • Do not copy and paste an entire article or web page. Summarize important points and cite accordingly.
  • Please avoid using sources such as Wikipedia.com, ask.com, mba.com, investopedia.com, and as such. You may use these sites for reference on specific topic but they are not considered reliable source. Please use business and peer review publications via Campbell University Online Library.

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