discover politics 2 gerrymandering and tx elections

OBJECTIVE: DP2 focuses on a process that has a great impact on electoral outcomes—redistricting. But the topic is actually a little more specific. The main objective here is for you to better understand the partisan process of “gerrymandering.” What is gerrymandering and why does it have such a broad influence on elections and representation in Texas? Well try to control your excitement, because you are about to find out!

INSTRUCTIONS: Your task this week is to watch the three videos and read an article in this folder. You will then create a set of responses connected with those materials. There are 5 questions worth 2 points each. Be sure to answer each IN YOUR OWN WORDS (don’t just mimic the exact words of the video or use the transcript) and do so in AT LEAST 7 complete sentences or more (don’t be lazy or you’ll lose points). You should create a word or PDF file that answers the questions and upload it to this dropbox. I run these through a plagiarism check, so I repeat: PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Here are your questions:

From Video #1 (Gerrymandering: How Drawing Jagged Lines Can Impact an Election)

1) Explain the idea of “gerrymandering” and the origins of this term. Also, explain the ideas of “packing” and “cracking”.

From Video #2 (Gerrymandering: How Politicians Rig Elections)

2) In what percentage of U.S. states is the redistricting process in the hands of a state legislature? What outcomes took place in North Carolina in 2012 that illustrate how gerrymandering can influence elections? Did Republicans in NC use the “packing” or “cracking” strategy?

From Video #3 (Texas Gerrymandering Discriminates Against Hispanics):

3) This video makes a couple of points about redistricting in Texas. What happened to Hispanic voters in central Texas and what was the strategy used (where Hispanic voters “cracked” or “packed”)? What “act” is cited and what argument is made by voting rights advocates to argue against these districts? Finally, what has the Trump/Sessions DOJ (Department of Justice) said about weighing in on state election law cases?

From Article #1 (“Partisan Gerrymandering, Competition, and Cronyism in the Texas Legislature” by Ana Jordan):

4) What does Ana Jordan say about gerrymandering and how does she describe the details of the process? According to Jordan, why is she running for District 47 of the Texas House? What reform does she want to bring to Texas?

5) Per Jordan, what change did her opponent (Paul Workman) bring to HD 47? How has this changed competition in the district? According to Jordan, how does partisan gerrymandering change policymaking and why? In other words, what position does a gerrymandered district put a conservative lawmaker in? The Marco Rubio and John Kasich quotes get at the heart of it!

Links :

Video 1. ( )

Video 2. ( )

Video 3. ( )

Article 1. (… )

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