Disability Awareness Project, health and medicine homework help

Disability Awareness Project:

Candidates will prepare an original multimedia presentation on an assigned disability under the special education law. Candidates will earn points based on their research and multimedia presentation. The multimedia presentation will need to include a PowerPoint (or other form of media presentation) no longer than 20 minutes. It will also include a written document, which can be in the form of a fact sheet or brochure (for example). Be sure to include:

·  A description of the disability.

·  Statistics related to the disability.

·  How this disability can affect a student in a comprehensive elementary/middle or high school.

·  What accommodations/modifications may be appropriate

·  Other relevant information related to the disability and educating the student. 

  • The Disabilty that PPt about is (Deaf/Blindness) . I need the sheet (one page) tomorrow 2/23 before 4:00 pm.
  • PPT not less than 10 slides .

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