Diabetes PHC Research Into Self-Care Practice in Holistic Health

Research and describe specific holistic self-care activities that may directly impact your PHC which is diabetes and explore how people can empower themselves to improve their health and directly affect their PHCs. 

From the subject matter covered thus far in your recommended reading you will analyze the connections between the self-care and self-efficacy practices (e.g., healthful nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest, spiritual connection, immune enhancement, stress management, healthy relationships, and balancing work and life) does impact to our health.  More importantly, these practices can be carried out independent of a practitioner at little to no cost.  

Furthermore, these practices can be undertaken by anyone at any point in one’s life, remembering that one’s level of proficiency in these practices is dependent on commitment, time, monetary and inner resources (e.g., will, dedication, self-awareness, and self-love). They are also practices that don’t necessitate specialty skills and can be practiced anywhere and at any time. 

Your task for this assignment is to demonstrate how these determinants of health practices (mentioned above) can directly impact your PHC. Consider the impact it will have on the levels of holistic health (e.g., mind, body, and spirit) of your PHC. 

 Writing Research into Self-Care Practices in Holistic Health

  1. Must be at least a ONE PAGE PAPER IN LENTH (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style 

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